Nauta Marin

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24 Şubat 2024 - 14:45

Nauta Marin

Nauta Marin: A New Excitement and Quality Standards in Maritime

Founded in 1999, Nauta Marin has brought new excitement and quality standards to the maritime industry. With its experienced team and modern production techniques, it carries out mass production with 100% marine materials, using the most accepted manufacturing systems of our time such as RTM, infusion and hand lay-up. It produces boats with a wide internal structure and solid hulls, specially designed for quality, a balanced infrastructure, excellent design and the use of every area with maximum efficiency in each model and boat.

Nauta Marin’s boats are carefully designed so that you can have a pleasant and safe sea voyage with your family and loved ones. The company always stands by its sea friends with its unlimited after-sales customer support and friendly staff.

Nauta Marin’s main aim is to always keep the quality at the highest level and to offer a smooth, high-quality and enjoyable sea experience to the users of each boat. The company aims to have a Nauta boat in every bay and marina, allowing maritime enthusiasts to discover a new life and brand new horizons.

Nauta Marin has an important position in the sector with its innovative approach to the maritime world and its quality products.

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