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MJM Yachts

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15 Şubat 2024 - 6:37

MJM Yachts

MJM Yachts: An Innovative Sailing Experience for Sea Enthusiasts

The Johnstone Family’s unique vision and love of the sea brought an exciting breath of fresh air to the maritime world when creating the MJM Yachts brand. Founded in 2002, MJM Yachts was founded by Bob Johnstone, co-founder of J/Boats, Inc., the world’s leading performance sailboat brand. After the J/Boats brand, which is a legend in the maritime world, Bob Johnstone and his family began to write a unique success story with MJM Yachts.

The birth of MJM Yachts is the product of a quest to meet the needs of sailing enthusiasts and make their adventures at sea more enjoyable, more practical and more environmentally friendly. Inspired by Bob Johnstone’s wife, Mary, MJM is known as “Mary Johnstone’s Motorboat” and revolutionizes the maritime world.

MJM Yachts’ priority is to produce beautiful and useful boats by combining speed and performance. For this purpose, they create unique boats by collaborating with the best designers and engineers in the maritime world. In particular, the Johnstone Family’s experience and expertise at MJM Yachts strives to provide the highest level of performance and comfort on every boat.

MJM Yachts’ environmentally friendly approach is also noteworthy. By using environmentally friendly materials such as epoxy in the construction of its boats, it is aimed to reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint. Additionally, with partners such as Boston BoatWorks, they build strong and durable boats that exceed industry standards, providing their customers with a long-lasting and environmentally friendly marine experience.

MJM Yachts offers sailing enthusiasts an innovative and environmentally friendly sailing experience while continuing the Johnstone Family’s long-standing sailing tradition. Each MJM boat reflects the family’s passion and dedication, making adventures at sea even more unforgettable.

As a result, MJM Yachts is breaking new ground in the maritime world, drawing attention with its innovative designs, environmentally friendly approach and superior performance. Under the leadership of the Johnstone Family, the MJM Yachts brand will continue to maintain its influence in the industry by producing boats that exceed the expectations of sailing enthusiasts.

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